e-Development Conference in 2014.



Iron Trust Company, Belgrade will be one of the participants at the e-Development Conference in 2014. Conference. The conferance is organized by the Association e-Development. At the conference , the company will give a lecture on the management of physical and electronic archives.

The aim of the conference is to be based on the experience of proven experts and pioneers the development of the information society indicate the status and prospects of the ICT profession and the main problems they face and how to solve them in everyday business practice . Pillars of development of information society precisely those inventive and capable leaders who , despite many years of dealing with the difficulties of doing business in an inventive way to maintain high ethical and professional level and its leading spirit entered positive and promising environment in their collectives and the overall business environment of society , especially the information society . Pillars of Information Society are powerhouses and because e-Development Association at the conference wants to continue a positive inspiration for further action and improvement contributions to the development of the information society and the society at large.

Details about the conference can be found at:

  1. e-Development Association Official web,
  2. e-Development Association blog.