Company provides services related to the management of archives, records, documents and electronic archives. All services are compliant with quality management systems (ISO / IEC 9001:2008) and Information Security (ISO / IEC 27001:2005). Experience of the company was transferred to Cyprus, localized and aligned with local laws and regulations.

Services the company Iron Trust Ltd. Belgrade offers are:

  1. Document Storage,
  2. Digital Archieving,
  3. e-Manage with I.M.A.C.S.
  4. Consulting
  5. Confidential Destruction / Recycling


In its operations, the company Iron Trust applied detailed procedures covering every aspect of the business process performed by a professional team of employees who have continued training in order to improve their performance and rapid response to emerging situations .

All activities with customers are, as confidentiality is concerned, at the highest level . The standards of the company are in compliance with all points of law on confidentiality of data and protection of personal data in both verbal and in writing komnikaciji .

Business continuity plan company Iron Trust is to assess the impact of important factors that could adversely affect the operation of the company or its customers , property or employees in the company.

The focus of the company is to develop , implement and maintain a business continuity plan , which must ensure that the organization can regain its function and to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities you have towards their customers. Business continuity plan is tested every six months to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its use .