Assessing the need for archiving, designing and implementing the most appropriate solution that will save you money is another in a series of services that the company Iron Mountain provides its users. Consulting services relating to the development of a structured and organized system of record keeping that will suit your needs.

During konstalting we are looking at the needs of each individual part and each sector of the company. This service is fully compliant with legislation and regulations required by the relevant historical archives.

Regardless of the industry in which they, the company Iron Mountain has a comprehensive solution that is adaptable to the needs of each client. Entrusting documentation Iron Mountain Company, customers can be assured that their documentation managed professionally.
This service is completely in line with legislation and regulations as mandated by the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
We offer expert assistance in drafting the Ordinance on office and archive operations in accordance with Article 38.stav first Law on Cultural Property (Official Gazette of RS br.71/94).
Expert assistance in the preparation of registration materials Category List with the retention period in accordance with Article 38.stav first Law on Cultural Property (Official Gazette of RS br.71/94) in accordance with the Accounting and Auditing (Official Gazette br.46/206 and 111/2009).


Iron Trust Company Belgrade je članica The e-Develompent Association.

The e-Development The Association is a voluntary, non-profit association, founded in March 2010, indefinitely to achieve the objectives in the development of the information society.