INFO – E-Trade Conference 2015

Conference E-commerce is the largest expert Conference of e-business in Serbia, dedicated to following the development of domestic and regional (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia …) e-commerce and e-business market. It covers all areas of e-business.

Every year, representatives of the ministries of trade, Information Society and Telecommunications, as well as representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, actively participate in the realization of this event as a sponsor of the conference.



XV Conference of E-commerce in 2015, will be held traditionally in Palic from 22.04 to 24.04.2015.

V conference e-Development Association

In e-Development Association organization and cooperation with the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, at the Small Hall on the first floor, was held on Friday, 27.03.2015. the V Conference of the e-Development Association, with the theme: “ICT outsourcing in the implementation of such savings in the business.”

The conference was participated in a large number of reputable companies and institutions, members of the e-Development Association, through its professional exposure.

Company Iron Trust Ltd. Belgrade, member of association and sponsor of the conference, addressed the audience on the theme: “Outsourcing in archiving documents – operational and financial benefits”, for which he expressed great interest.

arhiviranje dokumentacije


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Iron Trust Company Serbia is one of the founders of Center for Development of Archive Technologies.
CERAT is a voluntary, professional, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization in the field of document management, information and electronic documents, archiving and preservation of archives.


Iron Trust Company Belgrade je članica The e-Develompent Association.

The e-Development The Association is a voluntary, non-profit association, founded in March 2010, indefinitely to achieve the objectives in the development of the information society.