The problem of the global economic crisis and modern economic strategy of lowering costs ( “cut expensses ” ) imposed by the companies an idea about the possibility of taking care of the documents that need to be kept under the law to us.

The company Iron Mountain currently has modern archival repositorie in  Serbia, which allows clients to your office space used for other purposes and to reduce the time it takes to find a relevant document .


The process starts over and transport business documents with customer locations with required records of the acquisition.

COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT mean time to archival documents Iron Mountain Company Ltd. which are specially designed for this purpose . Additional documentation shall be new download from the customer within 24 hours of the request.

INVENTORY AND CLASSIFICATION documents include sorting , indexing and classification , and enter the archive to the needs of the client in the information system of the company Iron Mountain Ltd. that monitors all activities relating to the archive .

PACKAGING involves vacuuming all documents in plastic wrap to protect them from moisture , dust , insects and unauthorized access to the document.

The next part of the cycle is STORAGE. The specially equipped depots are located boxes with unique identification numbers that allow fast retrieval of the requested documents .

WEB ACCESS represents the delivery of archived documents within 10 minutes by fax or email. Shipping originals in Belgrade carried out within 60 minutes . Delivery of the original territory of Serbia within 24 hours . Restoring documents shall be made after notification that the document is ready to return to your original file . All the time of delivery / return of documents , authorized by the administrator of your company will have all the information about the status of the document and will receive a full report on all activities.

Permission to access the document management system of the company Iron Trust has only authorized users . Access data management system is available 24/7/365 from any location . Using modern technology and contemporary archiving company Iron Mountain Ltd. is able to quickly and easily find the required document and submit it to the client on time.