Serbian Internet Domains Day 2014.


Dan internet domena SrbijeThe Hotel Metropole Palace in Belgrade hosted the fifth annual conference “Serbian Internet Domains Day”. whose subjects were development of the Internet in the world and at. RS. SRB domain areas.

Conference organizer Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia invested effort as in the previous five years to the organization, regarding the selection of topics and speakers and in that way they justify the epithet of one of the best conferences in Serbia.

Panels at the conference were held in three blocks: DOMAINS, SOCIAL NETWORKS and GOOD LOCATIONS. Panelists included renowned names from domestic and foreign internet scene.

Moderators were well known faces Vladimir Radunović, Ivana Ćirković and Ivan Minić.

The company Iron Trust Ltd. Belgrade took part in the conference # Serbian Internet Domains Day 2014. National Register of Internet Domain Names of Serbia is our reliable partner for several years.