How do I track my records after they leave my company?

It’s quite easy. After we pick up your records from their current location, we transfer them to our data sorting department where they will be sorted, indexed and registered into our software.

During the registration stage a pick up report will be generated and forwarded to your company’s authorized personnel, and from there on you will have live reports on your records via the web.

Can I come and physically look at my records any time?

Yes, call us in advance and we will organize for your company’s authorized personnel to view any records they want or give them a tour of our facilities.
Even though access to our facilities is restricted to only Iron Mountain’s authorized personnel your account manager can visit us under supervision.

What are my benefits by using your web access? Can I view or print any of my records?

Our Web Based software was designed by us to offer and produce a wide range of management reports.

We offer a full service for the imaging/scanning of all your records which are then uploaded onto our servers. If you do choose to have this service then, yes you can actually view, download and print any of your records through our web based software 24 hour a day 7 days a week.

Do you have another solution to view my records electronically?

Iron Mountain is always looking for ways to help improve on its service offerings and thus identified the need for a pure electronic document management program and eVault was born. It will manage all your scanned/imaged records as well as all electronic records that are created on a daily basis bringing your organisation that much closer to “paperless”. Contact our sales department to discuss this very user friendly option and to view a demo based on your company’s needs.

How do I retrieve records to my office?

That’s the easiest part of all. Login via our website using your user name and password or fax and e mail us, if you do not know what you are looking for. Our well trained personnel will take your request and within seconds will respond to your request.

If you wish to retrieve a particular record, this can be sent to you via fax or e-mail within 15 minutes from the requested time.

Every time retrievals occur, our system will automatically send an e mail to your company’s dedicated authorized person informing him/her as to the retrieval details i.e. who is retrieving the file, the type of file, time, date and all other necessary related information.

How do I return records back to your facilities?

Once you are finished with a particular retrieval, call us, fax us or e-mail us and one of our representatives will come by your office to collect the files to be returned. Once a file is returned back to us, our system will send an e-mail to your company’s authorized person informing him/her as to the returned file details.

What are the benefits to my company if I use Iron Mountain?

The benefits are numerous and all will help to ultimately minimise, wasted office space, all costs associated with the storage and management thereof and ultimately improve on your company’s efficiency. You will always be able to know, what records you have, where they are situated, who is using them and all this at a fraction of the costs impacting your company currently.

How do I know that you will not use the private information within my archives to do my company harm?

We offer safe, secure and confidential handling of all your various types of archives whether physical or electronic that are housed within all our state-of-the-art facilities. Our contracts have strict confidentiality clauses and we even go as far as to insure all your records from damage, loss or even up to the leakage of any type information.

Iron Trust has been helping hundreds of clients in all industries such as banks, hospitals & clinics, law firms, insurance companies, audit & accounting firms up to the small business operation since 1954. We have been responsible for the management of the archives of all the major players within these industries with safety and the utmost confidentiality.